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The Remarkable Signature Sound of Sade (Part2)

"Soldier Of Love" album won a Grammy
Award for
"Best R&B Performance By A Group
Sade recent album “Soldier of Love” debuted at number four on the UK Albums Chart, becoming their highest debut since her “Stronger Than Pride” recording project (1988). It also debuted at number one on the US Pop album chart Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 502,000 copies in the United States, making it Sade’s first US number-one debut on 27th February 2010 to the 13th March 2010 , selling over 700,000 in a three weeks period while still at number one in US on the Billboard 200 Album chart listing and Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart listing for four weeks commencing on 27th February 2010 to the 27th March 2010.The album also topped other music charts in several other countries. It was also on the Europe Top 100 Albums chart at number one on the 27th February 2010 (3 weeks).

"Lovers Rock" album won a Grammy
Award for "Best Pop Vocal Album"
It is 10 years since her last album release, the 2000 offering, “Lovers Rock” which won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album in 2002. 

Sade has won three Grammy 
Awards n her whole career so far over three separate decades starting in 1985 with the “Promise” album receiving award for Best New Artist at Grammy Awards Ceremony. She received her latest Grammy this year for “Soldier of Love” on 13th February 2011. The award was for Best R&B Performances By A Group for the track “Soldier of Love at the 53rd Grammy Awards Ceremony. 

The hit single was taken from the album “Soldier of Love,” with the parent album been certified platinum for one million copies bringing her album total of album sold in America to 25 million copies according to (RIAA) Recording Industry Association of America). The album has sold over two million copies worldwide making it one of top ten best selling album in 2010!

She emerged as recording act 27 years ago to become Britain’s most successful female solo artist and in the process selling remarkable 50 million plus copies worldwide. She is definitely England best Soul music creative export and is extremely beautiful for her age and look rather young! 

She is truly a transcending icon of great power and dynamics whose musical brand that can compete again any new acts that has emerged since 2000 and able to stand the test of time. This has proven yet again that Britain can produce recording artist of high standard for creative export around the world with similar global impact as Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Sade definitely deserves the title as British Soul Queen with all that she has accomplished over the last three decades.

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Remarkable Signature Sound of Sade (Part1)

Sade is one of the most successful artists from 1980s to come out of the UK as creative export since her debuted album “Diamond Life.” It was released in the United Kingdom on 28th July 1984 by Epic Records and in the United States on 23rd February 1985 by Portrait Records. Since her debuted album Sade has sold over 16 million copies in America from 1985 to April 1996 accord to the Recording Industry Association of America ahead of such artist as Lionel Richie and the late Luther Vandross. This has made Sade and her band the 9th most successful black recording act from 1985 to 1996 and is featured in the top 200 list of best selling recording artists according to (RIAA) Recording Industry Association of America in the 20th Century.

Sade's dedut multi-platinum certified
studio album "Diamond Life"
Her four biggest selling studio albums so far in America are “Diamond Life” (1984) ,“Promise” (1985) and “Love Deluxe” (1992). Each album has sold four million copies, with the addition of her third studio album “Stronger Than Pride” (1988) which sold over three million copies, bringing the total to over 15 million copies plus sold. “Diamond Life” also achieved multi-platinum certification in England for one million copies sold (1.2 million) according BPI (British Recorded Music Industry) “Diamond Life” peaked at number two on the UK Pop Album chart. 

Sade's second multi-platinum
certified studio album 
The follow up album “Promise” did even better topping both the number one positions in UK and US Pop album charts. 16th November to the 23rd November 1985 in the UK and peaked at number one in the America on 15th February 1986 to the 22nd February 1986. In addition to the UK success, the recording project achieved similar success on the Swiss Album chart listing by going to number one week ending 1st December 1985 to 15th December 1985. Sade greatest hits package entitled “The Best of Sade” was certified multi platinum in the US for four million copies sold in 1994 and also received multi platinum certification by (IFPI) International Federation of the Phonographic Industry for two million copies sold across Europe in 1996. “The Best of Sade” was also number one on both the Billboard Top Pop Catalogue Album chart listings and the Billboard Top R&B Album chart listings.

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