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Career Highlights of the Legendary Lawrence Johnson (Part 2).

He was the former co-owner and CEO of his own music session company based in London providing services to the entertainment and creative industries in the UK and overseas. Previously he was recording artist and founder of Nu Colors. The group became one of the best -selling UK gospel act in America during the 1990s. Over the years Lawrence has also written several songs. He is one of the key God Fathers of Contemporary Gospel music in the UK.

In the 1990s, Lawrence did vocal arrangements on the movie
soundtrack to the "Four Weddings and a Funeral"
During the 1990s, Lawrence also conducted vocal arrangements, vocal productions, record producer and recording a track with his recording act Nu Colors on the major film soundtrack for “Four Weddings and a Funeral” which grossed over £200 million at the Box office worldwide and accompanied soundtrack which actually sold over quarter of million copies in the UK.

Lawrence has been responsible for vocal arrangements and vocal productions on number-one albums for such artists as Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle, Westlife, Shayne Ward, Journeysouth, Alexandra Burke and Bebe Cece Winans, which includes number-one singles and albums in several music markets worldwide.

This is a partial list of clients he has worked with in the music industry has a vocal arranger, music consultant and also vocal production.

Elton John
Tom Jones
Stevie Wonder
Bebe and Cece Winans
Eric Clapton
David Bowie
Tina Turner
Rod Stewart
Robbie Williams
Mary J Blige
Spice Girls
Emma Burton
Soul II Soul
Leona Lewis
Susan Boyle
Gary Barlow
Luther Vandross

Lawrence is definitely a powerful creative eternity of menace proportion with a creative transcending impact and influence across the globe. He is an creative driving force behind-the- scenes and also instrumental behind the career successes of   many music icons. Many of the recording projects that Lawrence received credits for have won major music industry awards such as Grammy Awards and Brit Awards.


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Career Highlights of the Legendary Lawrence Johnson (Part 1)

This is a brief summary of Lawrence Johnson 35 year’s career in the creative industry.

Lawrence was hired to do vocal 
arrangements in musical.
Lawrence has been involved in the creative arts industry for over 30 years as a music professional veteran and is one of UK leading vocal arranger, vocal coach and producer. He started his career as an vocal arranger, choir leader during the mid-1970s at the Latter Rain Church based in London and is also co-founder of the London Gospel Community Choir in 1982.During his time as a choir leader of the Latter Rain Church Choir was a support act for The Hawkins Family, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Andrea Crouch and The Disciples and other major gospel acts.

Lawrence first professional studio recording assignment was with Sir George Martin and Sir Paul McCartney as vocal arranger and background singer during the early 1980s.He is highly sort after by music industry icons such as Simon Cowell, Clive Davis and Wayne Hector for consultancy service and other assignments relating to the music entertainment industry.
Lawrence conducted vocal arrangements 
and coaching on the show.
Over the years Lawrence has being involved in many different music projects. He has conducted auditions and vocal coaching for “The Voice” talent television series across the UK. Vocal production and arrangement on the One Voice recording sessions conducted at Abbey Road Recording Studios, London with a united choir of all the major gospel artists from the UK.  One Voice project - “Somebody Please Help Haiti”, recorded on Saturday 27th February 2010 at the legendary Abbey Road studios, London, was something special. In 2006, Lawrence was hired to do vocal arrangements for the musical production “Daddy Cool”. He did vocal coaching and vocal arrangements for “Fame Academy” television series and also has conducted vocal coaching  and vocal arrangements  for “Britain’s Got Talent” television series.

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