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Key Significant Benchmarks in the African American Black Music industry Pt 10

              Johnnie Taylor and The Manhattans

The gold certified album containing
the platinum single "Disco Lady"
Did you know that Johnnie Taylor and The Manhattans were the first recording acts in America to receive platinum certifications for their hit singles. Both singles were also number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart and the Billboard Hot Soul Singles Chart. Johnnie Taylor’s single “Disco Lady” became the certified-platinum single in history of the music industry, selling more than two million copies in America. It was number one week-ending 13th March 1976 (6 weeks) on the Billboard Hot Soul and R&B Singles Chart. This was the first recording for CBS Records Black music division to obtain this great benchmark achievement. 

The gold album featuring the  platinum single
 "Kiss and Say Goodbye"
This was later followed up by The Manhattans’ hit single “Kiss and Say Goodbye” which peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot Soul Singled Chart week-ending 22nd May 1976 (1 week). The song also peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart week-ending 24th July 1976 (2 weeks). Before the single receive the acquired a platinum certification for sales in excess of two copies, it had already sold over one million copies in the black market across America. 

The group received the accolade in August 1976.The single was also the first platinum certification to be recorded at the Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia with the legendary Bobby Martin who was the main arranger at PIR (Philadelphia International Records) during its golden era, known as “The Sound of Philadelphia”. The album became a major success in the UK receiving  two silver certifications by BPI for the singles “Kiss and Say Goodbye” and “Hurt”, with each single selling in excess of quarter of million copies in 1976.

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                                          Mr K  Tomlin Music Historian                  

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