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Thom Bell. Important Creative Pillar of The Philly Soul Music (Part 4)

Key creative master mind behind the
“Philly Soul Sound”
and its success around the world. 
Dusty went on to have further success with Gamble and Huff, the original architects of the Philadelphia Sound, with arrangements by Thom Bell before he went independent from Philadelphia International Records to produce the Stylistics , the Detroit Spinners and Deniece Williams.

Dusty’s follow-up album, entitled “Brand New Me” in the US and “From Dusty with Love” in the UK, was produced in Philadelphia at the world famous Sigma Sound Studios, the recording base for the Philadelphia Sound. On this project Linda Creed made her debut as a songwriter with Thom Bell on the track “I Wanna Be a Free Girl”.

The first gold certified album in
America for The Stylistics .
 The album produced two gold
singles in same year in 1972.
The entire album was arranged,conducted
and produced by
Thom Bell.

Both went on to have tremendous success as creative collaborators with several million-selling records such as “Betcha By Golly, Wow “, “You Are Everything” from the self titled album “The Stylistics ” and “Break Up To Make Up” from the second gold album, entitled “Round 2″ for The Stylistics. Bell has received two Grammy Awards and numerous BMI accolades including 11 Pop Awards with a total 16 “Million-Air” certificates for 10 songs with one million or more board cast performances on radio and other outlets.
On two occasions Bell has been honoured by Billboard with their Number One Producer award. With continue recognition for his outstanding achievements to the American music industry. His peers at The Songwriters Hall of Fame inducted him on the 24th June 2006 in New York City.

Most of hit records produced by Gamble & Huff from the mid 1960s to the early 1970s had the signature arrangements of Thom Bell. He’s contribution to the whole develop of the sound was key to the tremendous success it has achieved over the last three decades. His contribution to the world of popular music has had an incredible influence on many of his peers and successors. His impact has been felt all around the world.

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Thom Bell. Important Creative Pillar of The Philly Soul Music (Part 3)

Thom Bell in recent time had successful collaboration with Joss Stone on her multi-platinum album “Mind,
Joss Stone's multi-platinum and UK Pop
number one album
Body & Soul”, which debuted at number one on the UK Pop album charts in 2004. He conducted the string arrangement on the track “Spoiled”, which sees Stone co-writing with the legendary Lamont Dozier and his son Beau Dozier.

The legendary Miami R&;B rhythm section, consisting of Timmy Thomas (organ), Willie “Little Beaver” Hale (guitar) and Benny Latimore(keyboards, piano), played on this session at the famous Hit Factory/Criteria Studios, where Aretha Franklin recorded her “Young Gifted and Black” gold album in the early 1970s, co-produced by Jerry Wexler, Tom Dowd and Arif Mardin, the same producers as on the late Dusty Springfield’s album “Dusty In Memphis”.

The late Dusty Springfield’s 1968 hit “Son of a Preacher Man” was a soulful example of the impact rhythm and blues had on a vast white audience. Springfield’s first album on Atlantic Records recorded in Memphis made use of some of the same musicians and background vocalists as Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett used on some their classic recordings. Son of a Preacher Man” achieved Pop top 10 in the UK  and US chart listings.
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Thom Bell. Important Creative Pillar of The Philly Soul Music Sound (Part 2)

This is another way of using media exposure to market a re-released single from the height of the Philadelphia Sound era, which UK-based label Southern Fried Records used effectively to give the single a good start on the road to success.

“Thom Bell Session”, performed by
Elton John which features the
UK Pop number one hit single

“Are You Ready For Love”.
Arranged, conducted and
produced By Thom Bell
Out of that same project during the late 1970s, John obtained a gold single certification for one million copies sold according to RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) for “Mama Can’t Buy You Love “(co-written by Leroy Bell and Casey James, a black and white song-writing team contacted to Mighty Three Music Publishing Company).

The single peaked at number one on the US Pop Adult Contemporary Charts week-ending  25th August 1979 for one week and also received a Gammy nomination for Best R&;B Vocal Performance, Male in 1979. Such projects may reawaken people’s interest in good quality of the "Philly Soul Souud".

“Thom Bell Session” recording project was performed by Elton John which features the UK Pop number one hit single “Are You Ready For Love”. Arranged, conducted and produced By Thom Bell

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Thom Bell. Important Creative Pillar of The Philly Soul Music (Part 1)

Thom Bell one of the key architect of
“The Sound of Philadelphia” 
Thom Bell became known as one of the main architect of the “Philadelphia Sound”, a powerful brand that is heard every 13 minutes somewhere around the global on radio, movie soundtracks, and television and in advertising campaigns according to Executive Vice President Chuck Gamble.Advertising agencies in Madison Avenue have acknowledged the tremendous power of Thom Bell’s music published by the “Mighty Three Publishing Company”, jointly owned by Gamble, Huff and Bell himself.

Two compositions by Bell have been selected as the theme for the multi-million dollar advertising campaign for auto maker General Motors, for their Chevy Impala. The slogan “I’ll Be Around” was popularized by the Detroit Spinners.

The front entrance of the Mighty Three Music
Publishing house. 
In the 21st century, Elton John’s corporate alliance with Sky Sport television has produced a UK football  
Premiership commercial, using a single dating from 1977, when it was produced by Thom Bell for the album entitled “Thom Bell Sessions.”The track which was used as advertisement campaign was entitled “Are You Ready for Love?” The single peaked at number one on the UK Pop single chart, occupying that position for two weeks in August 2004.The track sold over 50,000 copies  first week at number one on the UK Official Singles Chart. The single also achieved the number one position on the US Billboard Dance Chart listings for one week.
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