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R&B Record Producing Legends
(With a powerful signature sounds)

Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff are the only two song writing and record production teams in contemporary music to have achieved one position on the American Billboard singles chart listings over a three decades period.
Gamble & Huff started their run at the top 1968 with “Cowboys to Girls” performed by The Intruders on the Gamble imprint. The single achieved number one on 11th May 1968 (1 Week) on the American Billboard R&B Singles chart listings, with their final chart success with The O’Jays in 1987 with the song “Lovin’ You” on 7th November 1987(1 week), also on the American Billboard R&B Singles chart listings, surpassing Michael Jackson’s “Bad” singles that actually dominated the chart at the top for three weeks prior starting 17th October 1987.
Audio and Video interviews of Gamble & Huff:

Gamble & Huff - Google Search: Interview conducted by Tavis Smiley
Gamble & Huff - Google Search: "YouTube - NODFACTOR Interviews Legendary Gamble & Huff"

NPR: Search Results: "Soul Train Celebration"
NPR: Search Results: The Architects of The Philadelphia Sound

Additional interviews on NPR website with Jerry Butler, Larry Gold, Teddy Pendergrass, The O'Jays and musician Ahmir Thompson

Jam & Lewis domination of the charts began with the “Encore” performed Cheryl Lynn, pecks at R&B number one on 25th February 1984, which final introduced the Minneapolis Sound according Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Their became the Gamble & Huff of the 1980s and 1990s, helping to create Janet Jackson into a formidable recording and multi media icon from the mid 1980s into the 21st century.

In the process of their career as a song writing production team, their have achieved number ones for a wide range recording artists from various genres such as Pop, Jazz and R&B.
Audio and video Interviews of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis:
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis - Google Video: Talking About Their Recording Process in The Studio.
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis - Google Video: The Creation Of The Ballad "Tender Love"
Jimmy Jam and Terry Tewis - Google Video: Janet Jackson in this video.

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