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Guitarist Extraordinaire Who Impacted Rock Music Globally (Part 2)

                                                                     Jimi Hendrix
                                   Guitarist Extraordinaire.

One of the most important events in the Hendrix legacy was the transfer of royalty rights to the late Al Hendrix (Jimi’s father) and family which occurred in January 1997. This was made possible by the financial assistance of Paul Allen, a long-time fan of Hendrix and co-founder of Microsoft. He also underwrote the development of the Jimi Hendrix Museum to be located in Seattle. Immediately after the family acquired the intellectual property and several masters of Jimi’s work, they collaborated with Jimi’s former manager and original engineer, Eddie Kramer, who became the mastermind behind several classic recordings reissued on the Experience/MCA Records label. Out of this creative liaison between Eddie, Al and Janie Hendrix, a company was established to promote and administer the legacy of Jimi Hendrix in line with his original musical vision. The Experience Hendrix Company, created by Al and Janie Hendrix, Jimi’s half sister, has received income of over $44 million from recordings and associated merchandising in America alone.


With the expanding influence of Jimi Hendrix’s legacy, Touchstone Pictures, a division of the Disney Company, featured one of Hendrix’s classic anthems “Fire” on the movie soundtrack of “Reign Of Fire”, released in June 2002. Also in the same year a Vin Diesel film XXX featured “Purple Haze”, another classic from the 1960s. Nascar USA released Hendrix’s classic “Crosstown Traffic” through MCA Records/Nascar/FoxSports on a compilation entitled “Crank It Up” in 2002. The Gibson Guitar company has recently launched in January 2006 the “Jimi Hendrix Psychedelic Flying V” limited edition in collaboration with the Experience Hendrix Company.


According to Forbes magazine, which has compiled a top ten list of posthumous artists who are best sellers in the USA, since the new century began Hendrix’s earnings have been averaging approximately 10 million dollars each year.


According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Jimi Hendrix produced over 41 gold and platinum records which translates into over 22 million album copies sold to date. With lucrative licensing agreements and extremely large royalty payments accruing to his estate, Jimi Hendrix remains one of America’s greatest cultural earners, contributing significantly to the $40 billion generated annually by the American recording industry which accounts for fully one third of the world market.


He was a great fusion guitarist and a fashion trend-setter in the London entertainment community, as the first black man to be seen with long hair and wearing the latest fashion designs, as though they were made just for him.  Hendrix’s unique genius enriched popular music and culture across the world.

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Mr K Tomlin Music Historian

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